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Frequently asked questions

What is meditation?

To begin with it is the quietening of the mind and body. Different techniques can be learned to stop the continual mind chatter of endless thoughts, emotions and feelings. Through meditation you come to realise you are not these, you are something beyond them and this is where your spiritual side can be rediscovered. It has always been there but perhaps overlooked in our busy world of today. By accessing the stillness around us and the stillness within, the mind becomes stiller and a space of silence arises. In this relaxed space you are able to activate your own powers to heal your body and solve your own problems. It can be a voyage of self-discovery, which enables change to enter your life. There are many different kinds of meditative techniques, some use breath, some use sound as an object of meditative awareness. Experience has taught us that each technique has advantages as well as disadvantages.  Student observations have led us to appreciate that sound is often the most powerful and direct technique but the student is best prepared by clearing techniques using breath. 


Can I meditate?

Everyone, young or old has the natural ability to fall quiet but in today’s world with persistent noise and pressures this is not as easy as it sounds. A meditation guide will introduce you to ways of quietening the mind in peaceful surroundings. Meditation is a natural state and therefore is open to everyone.


How do you meditate?

It is as easy as sitting upright on a comfortable seat, which allows the energy to flow through your spine. Your eyes will be closed to aid an inward focus. There is no need for any special clothing or expertise. Often absolute beginners connect directly and observe clearly through the use of beginners mind.


Do I have to be religious?

Meditation encompasses all religions yet it is not attached to any one of them. It is equally suitable for non-believers as believers, as it moves beyond these into the unity of everything.


How does meditation differ from prayer?

Prayer consists of thought forms or requests, while meditation creates a quiet space in the mind where mind activity ceases. Meditation teaches you to access the peace within you and not rely on outward circumstances to create it.


What are the benefits of meditation?

The practice is relaxing, releasing tensions and stresses from the mind and body whilst also working on the chakras, meridians and energy bodies at the same time. A meditative state encourages healing, wellbeing and increases ones ability to solve life problems. We are multidimensional beings and meditation helps to realise this. We consist of a mind, body and spirit and with practice meditation can be deepened into a spiritual journey. Artists have reported that meditative awareness brings benefits of clearing away blocks leading to fresh, creative insights and new directions and approaches to their work.


How often do I have to practice?

Daily. As with any new skill it is only with practice that it improves. You cannot hope by just by meeting in a group once a week it will work. It is a retraining of the mind to access the stillness you have within and this can only happen with practice. Initially I would suggest 20-30 minutes a day in a quiet place. Commitment is needed. Once you start reaping the benefits of improved well-being, the practice becomes effortless and self-perpetuating. Meditation on a physical level is more beneficial than sleep, so there can be no excuse that there is never enough time to practice.


Why meet in a group?

When learning meditation, common problems with practice arise and these can be overcome with the support and understanding of a group. A meditation group is non-judgemental and confidential, providing a safe and secure environment in which to learn. Within this atmosphere each person’s peace is added to the whole, creating a more peaceful setting, from which everyone can benefit.

Finding the silence within is a special journey, which travels at your own individual pace. It is a joyous journey of self-discovery, which reaps untold benefits on all aspects of your mind, body and spirit. Meditation is the priceless gift you can give to yourself.



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