Meditation with Sound

Sunset at Friars Monastery Retreat.


You are warmly invited to join us for the beginning of a New Term of Meditation Classes on Saturday 5 January at the Haelan Centre, Crouch End.  The classes are open to beginners as well as more advanced students.


Meditation with Sound is taught alongside other techniques that include, breath awareness, mindfulness, Koan, and the open awareness of Just Sitting called Shikantaza. Each technique has its advantages and disadvantages but together, in the appropriate context, they have been found to be very liberating.


The meditation groups are based in Crouch End and Totteridge, North London. The focus of the teaching is non -religious, with a special emphasis on the development of an open mind and a deep creative connection to everyday life.


We hold regular weekly classes, one to one tuition and seasonal retreats. The classes are taught on a workshop basis.  Therefore, each class is taught on a 'free association basis' where the teaching follows what is needed at that time, in an open and non- pressured way. In this way all the groups are open to beginners. In fact, it has been found that beginners often lend fresh insights to the work being undertaken. In the same way experienced meditors are more than welcome to attend.

Please email Robert first to have an introductory chat. All contact numbers can be found on the 'Contact Pages.'

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New term begins  Saturday 5 January at the Haelan Centre, Crouch End, London, N8 


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